Empowering  Families to Achieve
Success Through Education.

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Achieve Plant City Program Services
Child Education​
  • Early Childhood (ages 2-5)

  • Tutoring & Homework Assistance (K-5th Grade)

Adult Literacy

  • General Educational Development (GED) 

  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)​

Parenting Education 

  • Workshops prepare parents to actively participate in their children's education at home and at school.

Parent & Child Activities  

  • Parents and children come together to learn literacy skills while spending time together. 

70% OF CHILDREN under the age of 6
whose parents never graduated high school lives in poverty.

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Workers who have less education than a high school diploma have the lowest median weekly earnings ($592), three times less than the highest level of education. 1

Nationally, for every dollar invested in adult basic education, a community receives $60 BACK in increased income, property taxes, and savings on welfare and legal system expenses.

Sources: 1. ProLiteracy: U.S. Adult Literacy Facts 2. National Council for Adult Learning 3. Florida Department of Education